assembly of women (ekklesiazousai)

Character Design, Poster, typography

“The disguise of Praxagora A and Praxagora B into men,
that is the starting point of the play, is the theme of this poster..”

Assembly of women (in Greek Ekklesiazousai) is a comedy written by the Greek playwright
Aristophanes in 391 BCE. The play invents a scenario where the women of Athens assume control
of the government and instate pseudo-communist reforms that ban private wealth and
enforce sexual equality for the old and unattractive.

The play begins with Praxagora emerging from a house on an Athenian street before daybreak.
She is wearing a false beard and men’s clothing, and she carries a walking stick and a lit lantern…

In this contemporary adaptation of the comedy, by Asteris Natsios,
the play begins with two main protagonists (Praxagora A and Praxagora B),
that during the night they start their adventure…