CC Counselling & Psychotherapy

Character Design, Illustration, Web design

“Illustrations that are more than a motivation to a life-changing trip
that leads to understanding, sympathy and self acceptance through the
guidance and support of a professional counsellor.”

Chrysa Chlomisiou is a registered member of the British Association
for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the British Psychological Society (BPS).
Her training began in 2008 with a BSc in Psychology at the University of Manchester.
Since then, she has completed two qualifications at Master’s level, a Master’s degree
in Psychology of child development and a UK-based counselling training in psychodynamic
counselling and psychotherapy at the University of Leicester.

I was asked to create her new logo, a multidisciplinary web-site and a series of
illustrations that will describe psychical situations, or common issues and problems
that psychodynamic psychotherapy has proven effective.

The illustrations were used as a “secret” logo that accompanies the corporate identity
of Chrysa Chlomisiou in web and printed and social media as well.