Galilu Christmas Visuals

Illustration, Packaging, Poster

“Key visuals made of Christmas decorative forms that reflect
the values that Galilu carries: Elegance, attractiveness, wellness,
luxuriousness & nobility”

Galilu is a beauty, cosmetic & personal care brand in Warsaw, Krakow & Gdansk,
Poland. It was designed in order to create a luxurious atmosphere where
shopping is “just an option”.

I was asked to design their Christmas, festive key visuals, an image
that would be central to many applications, like post-cards, present bags,
packaging for products, and more. The main image that we chose,
are the mirroring deers. We saw the deers as a classic Christmas symbol
of purity, romance, warmth, comfort and vitality.

We designed them with geometric patterns, easily adaptable to many formats
of design applications. The lines, the deconstructive way of shaping the animal,
the diagonal line in the horn, the thin, long lines, the gaps and the curves,
give a more fashion oriented character to our brand.