King David

Character Design, Illustration, Layout

“Intricate, dramatic lines, targeting into the elegance of the forms,
distinctive typography and aesthetic dedication into the meaning of the poem”

A book based on the poem of Walter de la Mare, King David.
This poem was turned into song by the friend of the poet and composer Herbert Howells,
that he considered King David one of his finest works.

Walter John de la Mare (25 April 1873 – 22 June 1956) was an English poet,
short story writer and novelist.
He is probably best remembered for his works for children.

The design of “King David” edition should reveal the so called
“Intellectual Imagination” of his poems.
The poem is a re – imagination of the story of the biblical King David
as is described in the Old Testament.

This is a presentation of some of the basic illustrations used in the book.