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“Our design had to be connected with the the land, the sharpness
of the landscape, the intense sun – but as well the aromatic,
flowerish tone of this unique wine.”

LALUDI is a white dry wine, characterised by it’s seductive aromas of flowers
and herbs, refreshing and delicious mouth. It is, above all, the Monemvasia’s Winery
version of a favourite Greek variety, Moschofilero – drinked ideally at 8-10 ° C!

LALUDI comes from the word “Las” was one of the most ancient towns
of Lakedaimonia – eventually called the Mani Peninsula.

The root “LAS” is still present in the modern greek language, and the wine LALUDI,
aspires to describe with it’s aromas, the qualities of this historical land.
Monemvasia Winery has the priviledge to be located in the same area where all
these unique vineyards grow, and for some people are considered the world’s best.

Our label, is influenced by the Greek folkloric art, but as well from
20th century modernist painters that they rediscovered the Greek tradition,
like Moralis.