mother (for vashti bunyan)

Character Design, Illustration, Poster

“Illustrated as a fairy tale for adults, with a distinctive tension in typography,
to undertone the deeply emotional character of the poem.”

A series of three images produced for the poem and song of Vashti Bunyan
called “Mother”, released in her album “Heartleap” (2014).

The wonderful way Bunyan concludes the song resonates sweetly and poignantly:
“My applause should have been rapturous.
But I closed the door and turned, turned away.”

The fading colours of the illustrations, seems to fit perfectly into the style of the song:
A silent recall of distant memories, glimpses and images from childhood.
An undertone of sadness, or just a kind of nostalgia hidden in these images.

The experimental type used, is chosen to accompany the images
by synthesising qualities of movement: contrast, contour, stress, slant.